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My Notes From the BCS National Championship Game

Posted on: January 9, 2009 2:43 pm
Edited on: January 9, 2009 2:46 pm

1st Quarter

Jeffrey Demps runs a 10.01 100 meter?! One word: "WOW!"....Tebow runs for a first down like a bull in a China shop. Man is this kid tough....What I've learned after 10 minutes of football: Every Big 12 D-coordinator should be fired tomorrow (except at Oklahoma).

2nd Quarter

Florida WR Murphy stretches for a TD. The SEC just has a whole different type of athletes....That OK offensive line is HUGE....and Stoops sure knows how to recruit running backs....Bradford throws a TD to make it 7-7. Very nice 'Answer'.....OK DT McCoy throws RB for a lot. Gerald McCoy is really BIG. More important, he's really quick. He's going to be BIG TIME at the next level....Tebow throws pick to - who else - Gerald McCoy dropping into coverage. I don't like Tebow's 'delivery' for the NFL. Sorry Gator fans but Teboes got "Heath Shuler" written all over him if they let him play QB in the NFL....Gator's stop on 4th and goal is huge. What were those calls inside the 5 Stoops. Florida D shows massive heart with a stop after a turnover...Dear Mr. Stoops: You should have taken the points.....Harvin runs for 45. One more rediculously gifted athlete on the Florida roster. Drive stalls....Bradford shows he can make all the throws: Skinny post for 20, quick out, deep curl, nice touch in the flat. He's the top QB in the draft if he comes out....uh-oh, INT on the goal line. Should have been caught upon further review....7-7 at the half: who would have thought?....Florida should feel really good, they should be down 3-14 points.

3rd Quarter

Bradford throws a beautiful long-ball....dropped....Sooners lineup to punt: timeout OK, Motion penalty OK, timeout Flor, Roughing the Punter penalty Flor. That's plain bad football.....OK doesn't take advantage....Tebow runs for 1st down and get up yelling. Tebow = Tyler Hansbrough of College Football (love him or hate him)....Another Tebow run for 1st down. Hey OK coaches: Somebody spy this guy!...3rd and long and yet another Tebow run for a 1st down. Is somebody in the OK coaches box watching right now?....TD Florida. That one's on you D-Coordinator....14-7.....Bradford marches them right back but Gators stiffen on 3rd and short....Blocked FG! Momentum building for Gators....Sooners better get a stand if they want to stay in this game....Players from both sides are cramping. Whers the GATORaide? Someone call Kieth Jackson (not the former OK TE)....big stop for OK and Flor punts.

4th Quarter

OK RB Chris Brown's got skills....unsportsmanlike conduct against Flor. Bad penalty. This one's getting chippy....Brown makes them pay with a big gainer....3rd and long. Bradford now 7 for 8 on third down....TD to TE Gresham. Huge drive for OK! 14-14...Harvin answers with 52, then 12 yard run. This guy can flat-out fly!....Finally OK keeps Tebow in the pocket and Gators settle for a FG....This is a Prize Fight.....Ahmad Black 'steals' INT from OK wideout. Fantastic play at the perfect time....Shovel pass on triple option. Cool play. Urban Meyer is a hell of a football coach in case no one noticed....2 nice throws be Tebow. Let's give credit where credit is due....Shovel pass the other way for 1st down to the TE. You're getting plain out-coached Stoops....Jump pass TD. GAME OVER! 24-14....Tebow might not make it in the NFL; but Jesus! What a great college football player....No Tebow! Don't do that! Unsportsmanlike Conduct call proving my earlier 'Hansbrough' comment correct....Florida wins. Congradulations Gators...2 in 3 years....What an accomplishment!


Florida shows Oklahoma what an SEC defense looks like....Stoops loses moniker "Big Time Bob"....Bradford can hold his head up high as can a number of OK players who are going to be earning a paycheck on Sundays soon....Tebow goes down as one of the greatest college football players of all time....Harvin is more than just a supporting player in this victory....Florida is LOADED with athletes on both sides of the ball....Urban Meyer can grab the mantle as the best college football coach in America.


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